Read this Before-the-Shoot PRESS RELEASE:

In celebration of their upcoming music video shoot for “Empire Vampire”, Brooklyn-based band The Goodnight Darlings have released the track as a free download.

The band plans to film this dark fairytale with an incredible creative team, including a huge cast of Florida dancers from Close Up Experience. The innovative dance production company is dedicated to promoting cool new music, while also teaching pre-professional & young professional dancers how to perform for the camera in the TV musical genre.

Directing the musical short film will be Sundance Film Festival Alumnus Roger Ingraham. This is his first foray back into the vampire genre since he made headlines in 2006 as the youngest filmmaker to ever get accepted into Sundance with his feature film “Moonshine”.

The Goodnight Darlings’ first single, “Red Hot”, was featured on ESPN’s “Unite”. Their debut EP, “Doll Drums”, is available now via iTunes and Spotify.


  • Isis Masoud
    Isis MasoudCreative Director, Choreographer
  • Roger Ingraham
    Roger IngrahamFeatured Director
  • Joey Bevan
    Joey BevanFashion Stylist, Designer & Hair Stylist
  • Christian Climer
    Christian ClimerDirector of Photography
  • Liam Malone
    Liam MaloneCinematographer


  • BAND: The Goodnight Darlings (Their Official Site)
  • MUSIC: For Fans of Yeah YeahYeahs, Blondie, Sleighbells
  • NEW SINGLE: “Empire Vampire” Out Now
  • CLOSE-UP PROJECT: The Close Up Creative Team shot this Vampire fairytale on-location at the Howey Mansion in the greater Orlando area along with a several day rehearsal period at 3D Dance Motion in Apopka, FL. The dancers learned how to shift their performance from stage to screen and worked on set with a professional production team to create the official video for “Empire Vampire.”
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“Auster brings her pop rock singing into Jaramillo’s eclectic music that spans hypnotic beats, New Wave, and dance punk..Auster’s voice commands attention immediately with a younger Deborah Harry feel..fiery, danceable, with an indie-tronic feel glows with undeniable energy…”  -The Daily Vault

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